Jill Petigara ~ E-RYT Certified Yoga Instructor

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the name given to the practice of the physical yoga postures.  There are many different kinds of Hatha Yoga and I’ve been lucky to practice and study with many wonderful teachers in a variety of Hatha Yoga schools.  I started doing Iyengar yoga in the late nineties and then moved to Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga in the early 2000s.  I especially loved the philosophy, chanting, and pranayama that was such a big part of the Jivamukti classes I took in New York City.  I took my first Hatha Yoga teacher training at Yoga Mountain in New City, New York and then found John Friend and Anusara Yoga shortly after that.  I’ve had more training in Anusara Yoga than any other school of Hatha Yoga, and it’s the uplifting philosophy of Anusara that I try to bring to each of my Hatha Yoga classes. 

My Hatha Yoga classes are an integration of all that I’ve learned in the past 14 years of practicing and teaching yoga.  I’m most concerned with students being safe in their practice and learning to turn their attention inward.  I teach students how to move in and out of yoga poses with mindfulness, grace and ease.  I incorporate philosophy, meditation and pranayama into my classes, as well as encourage students to find their edge in each pose.  Practicing Hatha Yoga in this way will help build strength, balance and flexibility while calming the mind and nervous system.