Jill Petigara ~ E-RYT Certified Yoga Instructor

The Book


Yoga and Fertility:

A Journey to Health and Healing



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Yoga and Fertility offers a wealth of information for women who are trying to conceive, whether or not they are already yoga practitioners. Jill and Lynn are highly experienced yoga teachers and practitioners, who have been teaching yoga for fertility classes and workshops for many years.

The book clearly shows how yoga can help with fertility, as well as explaining specific benefits of the yoga poses. Yoga practices are offered in a useful, practical way with plenty of photos and clear descriptions. Readers will easily be able to do these simple but effective practices at home, regardless of previous yoga experience.

In addition to yoga routines, the authors suggest approaches such as breathing practices, visualizations, affirmations and the use of complementary medicine modalities to improve fertility. They also discuss other factors which may impact fertility, such as stress, nutrition, body weight and exercise, and provide an overview of recent research on these topics, as well as positive suggestions to address these areas.